Brand strategy

Level-up Your brand strategies, That Build Trust

Does your Brand speak to your target audience? If Not, we can help.

A clear mission and reason to exist are the foundation of a successful brand.
It is also a driving force of purpose that helps you find the brand story and how you can connect with people with the same belief.
This not only attracts talented employees but will also help build your own fan club/tribe, which is far more effective than any advertisement you can imagine.
It is crucial for your brand to be surrounded by the right people, Both Customers, and Employees, who believe in what your brand believes.

At B2 Impress, we work with our clients to build a strong brand through;

Build your Brand with B2 Impress

4 Steps to a better Brand


In the Discovery stage, we conduct an intensive branding workshop about your business


This phase involves the implementation and testing of identified strategies to ensure they align with the Business mission and vision.

Gap analysis

In this Phase, we analyze your brand's personality in line with your target audience and your business positioning


At the development stage, we build strategies in accordance with insights gathered during the discovery and gap analysis stage.


UTB Magazine

magazine. photos. videos.
B2 Impress is proud to serve UTB in 2021 with Video and Photo content production and Design of the 8th Magazine edition for the University


Marketing. content design. ux.
Create Digital Marketing Plan Including; Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogs, Web-Design


brand strategy. design.
The project was about creating a brand strategy plan of How Juhayna Products with Egyptian heritage, can be integrated in the UK market.