Impactful E-Commerce websites that convert

We’re specialists in online store design, crafting stunning Shopify sites for clients across the world.

For over a decade, we’ve kept up to date with the latest trends in UX, UI and E-Commerce to deliver seamless shopping experiences that elevate our clients in their industries.

Whether you’re migrating from your previous platform or starting from scratch, the end result is the same: a powerful marketing tool that boosts sales and brand loyalty.

As a specialist E-Commerce agency, we know that every online retailer has their own pain points and priorities. With your goals in mind, we’ll combine thoughtful design with conversion rate optimization to help you get the most out of your bespoke online store.

What makes us sooo good at it…


We craft sites from scratch that are stunning, unique, and built with your goals in mind. You can also easily add features to enhance your online store.


Your bespoke online store will come with a clean interface and an intuitive CMS platform that connects with all the systems you use offline.


Since Shopify is a hosted platform, you won’t have to worry about server hacking, security breaches or server maintenance.


From SEO tools to E-Commerce analytics, your Shopify site will come with a suite of in-built marketing tools to help you drive sales.

Front-End UX

Our team of designers specializes in developing rich front-end designs that attract attention and help users find what they are looking for quickly.

As experts in creating digital masterpieces, we can build custom features and sections for your website that are innovative and beautiful.

Back-End Efficiency

Our team of developers specializes in taking the approved designs and developing rich front-ends that are programmed to be fast loading, responsive and optimized for search engines; besides ensuring a smooth user experience.

The successful functioning of the site occurs when both units front-end and back-end interact and communicate well with each other, which means an easily manageable site.

We use industry-standard Content Management System (CMS) platforms, the most advanced programming languages, and offer endless options for plug-in integration to make your life easier.


We maintain our integrity of what we produce by ensuring the quality is consistently functioning for each product’s entire life cycle.

With our development process, we feel no product is complete without giving you the peace of mind that your brand’s wheel keeps turning. Therefore, we train you and your staff on how to manage your website. As an alternative option, we offer a DG Care plan where we take care of it all for you.


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E-commerce . web development


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